The pathetic fun

I was studying fifth standard, very little age but I could remember a few things that had happened during those precious days. Life was beautiful no commitments, no stress, no responsibilities. Just get-up, eat, school, friends, homework, sleep. Life was so beautiful. I would never mind going back there but you know that is impossible. […]

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Simple truth of life

No matter is it a two day or twenty day holidays, who hesitate going to hometown! With just two days of leave, i left for my hometown. From the beginning of my journey i felt something has changed and it’s changing in a rapid way. But i could not sort it out, of what it […]

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The unexpected friend

One of the busiest train in south India. Early morning 6:30 am the train departs fully loaded. I’m one among the people in the crowd being crushed, somehow managed to get a place near the door. Stiff and rigid I was over there. Few stations crossed the train was filled like a pomegranate where you […]

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The Diminishing souls.

I wore mini skirt. You told I’m hot and raped me. I wore a chudidar. You told I’m attractive and raped me. I wore a saree. You told I look beautiful and raped me. I became a saint. You told I look cultured and raped me. I became very old. You told that’s fine and […]

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Presumed mistake

PRESUMED MISTAKE. -soundar pandiyan k (Ksp) Based on one real small incident. Characters and story involved in this are not completely true. Pruthika…., Pruthika….. Get up! Get up! How long do you sleep. It’s 8:00 in the morning. Move out from the bed and freshen up. Downstairs dad is waiting for you. He’s already late […]

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The place we lived once

“280”. “2” opposite buildings with two big home’s, and “8” small home’s of each different happy family, with “0” Enemity , Ego and Jealousy. we hear or see the number “280”, a Enermous amount of happiness, Heart melting moments, Cheers, Success, Family get together, Variety of foods, Heart breaking incidents, Failure stories, Rising up stories, […]

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Young fellow’s life today

A plant that is very healthy and have all the potential in growing into a big tree one day, but the sin it made was growing road side. Because of this one reason no one in this world is interested to help it grow. Even though it struggles so much to survive but finally dies, […]

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